Mission and Vision


We aim to CONNECT, ENGAGE and SUPPORT individuals to build stronger community. We want to create a pool of human resources that will be able to share their ideas and skills by working together and supporting each other in their needs.

We focus on Physical and Mental Health of the families, personal development of individuals, providing them educational and learning support and creating opportunities for their livelihood through Arts and Crafts.

Charity 4 Humanity will arrange emergency support in crises .


We want a better world with peace loving people who are well connected to each other at the time of need. We want to develop a network of human resources that will use the platform of C4H to share their skills, ideas and knowledge for the benefit of the community. This new model of charity is based on the numbers of general public using the services of C4H. Under Charity 4 Humanity we extend our hands to other like-minded groups and organizations for working partnership for greater cause.