Learning Circle

Learning Circle

EAST Program(Education, Awareness, Skills and Training Program)

Learning circle is especially designed for the purpose of education, awareness, training and skills. The circle is aimed at providing the members of public with the light of knowledge and practical approach to resolve the issues that cause distortion in social fabric of the society. C4H aims to involve families for the welfare of people without discrimination.EAST program includes the following four projects.

Education and Awareness:

Academic and learning sport workshops:

Academic and learning support workshops will be designed for the students to get learning support. Under Learning Circle, we will provide future career guidelines for students. They will be able to get access to the well-known qualified tutors and institutions. Educational resources that are generally not available and accessible to every student will be accessible easily. Academic and learning support workshops will cover different topics that are for the best interest of the public. It may include workshops on peace and security related issues, workshops on anti extremism, racism, hate crimes along with addressing the issues of poverty, health and safety etc.

Community building workshops:

Community Building Workshops will help to create social networking, finding out the strengths of othersby engaging with them. The community will be able to raise their issues collectively and will support each other to resolve such issues.

Skills & Training:

Technical skills workshops:

TTechnical workshops will help the youth to find out potential employers for apprenticeship, training and job. Under such workshop, we will invite the owners and managers of the technical industries to provide the useful information of the industry and open the door for the members.

Vocational training Workshops:

Vocational workshops will engage the members to learn useful skills. The training providers will be encouraged to provide support to the members in such a way so that they can be able to earn their livelihood. Such trainings like sewing, beauty parlours, boutiques etc. will be arranged.