Frequently Ask Question

1Q. Are you a registered Charity?
A: Yes, Charity 4 Humanity is registered with Charity Commission UK as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) under registration number 1173359
2Q. From where the charity operates its functions?
A. Charity is registered at Olympic House, 42-48 Clements Road, Ilford and most of the activities are initiated for the community of surrounding boroughs like Redbridge, Barking & Degenham, Newham and Romford.
3Q. What are the main objectives of the Charity?
A: Charity 4 Humanity is incorporated to work in multiple fields however, C4H will classify these in short and long terms objectives. In short terms, main focus is on the Mental & Physical Health and Well-beings.
4Q. What are the long terms objectives?
A: C4H classified the objectives in 4 aspects which are detailed at the main page. However, It is the vision of Chief Executive that Charity should not only accept donations for giving but to empower the community to resolve their own issues by way of Social Enterprise.
5Q. What makes this charity different from others?
A: This charity has been set up for local people and is run by local people. Which means the focus of work is our local community. There are far too many Charities that carried on their work in overseas for their issues like poverty, shelter, food crises and emergency aid etc. Whereas, C4H is one of the few BME charities who work for local people.
6Q. What is the Structure of the Charity?
A: To run the operation of the Charity according to set vision, there does Chief Executive of the charity head an Executive management team. Charity has formed Advisory Council (limited to 20-25 members) to advise on the matters that seeks more attention in the community.
7Q. How can I join the charity?
A. Charity website has provided two options to become a part of it. Join us a volunteer or Join us as member. Volunteers are the backbone of any organization. In C4H, we have different projects and they can participate and contribute towards good cause. The members are required to contribute a small amount on monthly basis and involve themselves at any level of Charity projects.
8Q. How will you utilize my personal information?
A. We do not share or pass on your personal information to any one else without your permission. You have a right to ask for the privacy policy which we have designed to comply with GDPR. Your data will be kept under GDPR (regulations)